Key Command Presets Missing?!

Hey all. I remember that Nuendo 7 came with a number of presets mirroring other DAWs to facilitate migrating. These are no longer available in Nuendo 8? My preset list is empty in the Key Command window. Is there somewhere in partcicular where I can locate them in macOS Sierra?

Many thanks in advance!

Thea normally are in the same folder as the ones you create yourselfe. Should be in the manual where to find it on Mac. Attention: Its a hidden User - Librairy Folder


Oswald, thanks for your reply! I’m afraid I haven’t been able to locate them in the user library folder either :frowning:
I tried finding them in ~/Library/Preferences/Nuendo 8/ but so far no luck.

I’ve also tried to find an answer on the manual before posting here but, again, wasn’t able to figure it out I’m afraid.

If you create a preset by yourself, do you find it in the Nuendo 8 Preset folder? And that folder is empty save your selfmade preset?
Do you have earlier installs (N7). Perhaps you can copy them from there to the N8 preset folder


Note the correct file path in the documentation.

Thank you both for your replies, much appreciated.

@Oswald : I’m afraid I don’t have access to earlier N7 installations because I am using a new machine where I installed N8 directly :frowning: I tried creating a preset myself, though, and it was saved @ ~/Library/Preferences/Nuendo 8/Presets/KeyCommands This is the only preset present in the folder which is weird because there should be more like Logic or ProTools etc.

@Steve : thanks for sharing this, I checked all the places mentioned there and the only place where Key Commands where present is the path I mention above.

Are you certain?

/Users/your_username*/Library/Preferences/Nuendo 8/Presets/Key Commands/

*‘your_username’ is a placeholder for the locally used username.

In any case, here are the contents of that folder, attached. (382 KB)

@Steve : MASSIVE Thanks for sharing this, I really appreciate it. I couldn’t find it anywhere and this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.


I just purchased Nuendo 10 today and those presets are still missing.

I am looking for these too in Nuendo 10

Me too - no key commands in Nuendo 10!