Key command question - Move view right/left?

Hi Folks - does anyone know what the button below is called in the key commands list? I have searched for the obvious like “scroll right” or “move” but these do something else or move the playhead. I use this command frequently so would make sense to have a key command for it.

Screenshot 2024-05-28 104356


This is common scroll-bar. You cannot assign a Key Command to this one. But you can use mouse to scroll, if it helps.

Hi Martin - do you mean my mouse wheel can scroll the window left/right?

At the moment mine scrolls up/down - can I configure this somewhere?

With Shift+ wheel you can scroll horizontally, with Alt+wheel you can zoom horizontally.

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You can also press and hold the middle click (mouse wheel) button and drag the project view in all four directions. I find this to be very useful.