Key command Question

Please view short video question. Thanks :slight_smile:


You could use another Key Command: Project > Select Track: Next and Project > Select Track: Prev.

Thank you for your reply Martin. I applied the key commands as per your advice. Same result. Please see video. I think we would benefit from a specific key command which its sole purpose is to select the tracks. ( like what ever the Channel Select buttons are assigned to on the CC121 )

I think the issue is that the up and down arrows are also used by the OS as key commands. It works when you assign those functions to other keys, like [ ] that are not also used by the OS. I have tried those specific keys and they work for me on Windows 10 which mean I can still select tracks regardless of what parameter I am on in the edit window.

Thanks BJ. That’s interesting to know.

A question for Martin. What are the Channel Select buttons on the CC121 assigned to?

When I use them they are always focused on the tracks.


By using them, you can change currently selected track. So you don’t have to select the track by mouse or keyboard. The fader moves accordingly (same as S/M… buttons state).

Thanks for your reply Martin. What I’d like to know is what are they are assigned to. I’d rather use a key commands but as I’ve indicated all the key commands I’ve tried including the ones you recommend does not keep the focus on the tracks at all times. As soon as you open the edit channel window and adjust any of the parameters with the mouse the focus is no longer on the tracks and the key command is not active until you reposition the mouse back on the tracks.

When using the CC121 channel select buttons they are always focused on the tracks…so I wonder what they are assigned to? A key command or a proprietary command that isn’t in the key commands?


These buttons are focus independent, because they are using other level of control (HW controller, probably SDK?). So you can’t reach exactly the same by using Key Commands.

The Generic Remote does provide this too, if you have a couple piano keys available for it, for example.

Or if you can find a keystroke to MIDI converter, like this old one, MIDIpress (if it still works)

Yes, this is also a HW controller.

Or just have Steinberg create assignable key commands that maintain the focus on the tracks like the CC121 channel select buttons do. Problem solved. :wink:

Yes I’m being cheeky :slight_smile: but in all honesty it would be very helpful. :slight_smile:

You can do it with a macro. Let me know if you want one.

Yes! That would be extremely helpful Steve!

Here you go- This works specifically in the case you mentioned, being in the Edit Channel Settings window and and wanting to select the next or previous track.

Thank you Steve!!! Can’t wait to try this out later today! :slight_smile:

Just tried it out with the same results. The focus does not stay on the tracks.

Here are my results:

While videos can be helpful, sometimes writing out the steps or conditions is better for figuring out stuff.

It works here, so I suppose something is different for you.

Same as before. Once the edit Channel window is open the focus shifts to the edit Channel window. The video is to show you that I followed your steps in creating the macro and the result.

Just to test I also reinitialize the key commands entirely to the default setting then recreated the macro precisely as you indicated with the same results.

I see that you’re on Windows and I’m on Mac that’s maybe the issue. Either way I don’t think we should have to create macros for this. It seems like it’s a bug for Mac users. The focus should stay on the tracks. What do you think?

Also continuing on troubleshooting here for Steinberg I installed Cubase Pro version 9.0 on my High Sierra partition. A fresh install and the issue is present starting in that version at least. So it has to be a Mac issue/bug and I’m not sure when it started.

If you agree Steve perhaps this thread could be moved to the bug report area?