Key command question

I’d like to make a key command for " Convert to real copy" however I don’t see it in the key commands dialog.

Is there any way of doing this?

Hej James

Surely it’s there :wink:

Edit>Convert to Real Copy

  • Bo

NEW QUESTION: (rather than start a new thread)

In the list of key commands it says that [Shift][F4], I believe, should bring up the Key Commands window.

I can’t get it to function, even though it’s setup that way in the Key Commands (and this is the default setting).

The list says:
Inline: Key Commands [Shift]-[F4]

Does the “Inline:” mean something I’m not getting? No other reference to it in the entire Cubase manual.

Yikes…I must have been over tired yesterday!
Found it today Thank you!!!