Key command question

What I’m trying to find is a key command for setting the L locater so it moves the cursor and also sets and activates your punch point in one move. Diddo for the R locater.

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Sounds like a job for a macro regarding the inclusion of the punch-in, but I have to ask :
You want to move the cursor and set the locator simultaneously. Move the cursor to where? In other words, you have the cursor somewhere in the project, and now you want to press this KC to do what you have explained; how is the KC supposed to know where to go with the cursor from where it is currently?

Thanks for responding. It’s a bit confusing. I want to put my cursor on say bar 17. Then hit one key command and have it set the start point ( bar 17) where the cursor is and also arm it for punch in. The same for punch out.

Thanks again I hope this makes sense.

Then it would be a macro.
Ctrl/(keypad)1 sets the L locator and “I” turns on auto Punch-in
Ctrl/(keypad)2 sets the R locator and “O” turns auto Punch-out on
You just need to put these into a macro and assign that to the key of your choice.

Thanks so much BriHar! I will try this ASAP.


Hi BriHar,

Not working here. This is what I did. Went to key commands and then to macro. Added a new macro and named it punch in. Went up to macros folder, clicked on punch in and added ctrl (number 1). I know I’m missing a step. Can u see what it is?

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OK, In Key Commands you click on Show Macros
Next New Macro and give it a name e.g. “MyPunchIn” (after Enter the new macro should be highlighted)
Now in the upper Commands window select Set Left Locator in the Transport menu and click Add Command in the lower section (this should now appear below your macroname)
Again in the upper Commands window select Auto Punch In in the Transport menu and once again click Add Command in the lower section.
Finally, in the upper Commands window select MyPunchin i.e. your newly created macro, in the Macro menu. Now to the right press your intended KeyCommand e.g.“Y” in the Type in Key Field and then click on Assign.
You’re done. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hey BriHar,

Thanks sooo much :smiley: works perfectly!

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