Key command settting for 'Show Velocity Lane Only'?

I am doing some customization for my workflow
but I can see the ‘Show Velocity Lane Only’ in Key Command tap. (I can see show/hide all lane tho)

Is there any way to set key command for this?


Hi Lightworkin.

I’m not sure I understand your request exactly… So you have several Midi CC Lanes and you wanna hide all but the velocity lane - is that correct?
I guess you would have to create a macro for that…
Btw. I did a series of 5 Videos for shortcuts and keycommands in Cubase a few days ago. Maybe you can find sth there to improve your workflow:
Cubase Tipps&Tricks
Take care

Hi. You can save ‘velocity only’ as a Controller Lane Setup Preset, and then assign a key command to this preset.

(I have a button on my StreamDeck which toggles between Velocity Only (with increased lane height) & Show Used Controllers).