Key Command: Show Properties Panel

I’d like to program a Key Command to show the Properties Panel. I assumed I could use “Show Lower Zone Panel: Properties”, but nothing happens when I hit the keystroke.

I’m looking for a command that will show Properties no matter what state the panel is currently in - whether the lower zone is closed or set to another view like Key Editor or both. Ideally it would still work even if it’s already showing (for the sake of creating Script macros that don’t get hung up by a command that toggles the zone open and closed).

I’ve just retested these commands, and they do work as expected: you should find that the lower zone opens and the Properties panel is shown if it’s hidden, or that the lower zone is closed if it’s already open.

Perhaps the shortcut you’ve chosen doesn’t work for some reason? What shortcut did you choose? Have you tried restarting Dorico?

Thanks, Daniel. I did restart Dorico and tried again, but same result.

I am successfully using the “Show Lower Zone - True” key comm to toggle the lower zone open and closed.

For whatever reason none of the key commands in the “Show Lower Zone Panel” are responsive. I tried them all in several different open and closed states including Command-0.

I’m using Dorico 4.3 and MacOS Monterey.

I think these commands were unreliable in Dorico 4.3, but they should be working properly in Dorico 4.3.11, so I recommend you update.

I should have been more specific: I am on 4.3.11.

OK. Perhaps you could do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach your diagnostics here.

Well, in the process of creating the Diagnostic Report the problem seems to have been fixed.

Apparently as long as I create the key comm, and restart with it in place, it works. Before I must have been deleting the key comm before I restarted, and programming it fresh - with no response.

To test the theory I ran this diagnostic for you with the process I just described - yielding the non-functioning key comm. It’s my first Report so hopefully I did it correctly.

Obviously you shouldn’t need a restart to have a key comm function so there is still something up. Hopefully my Report will help the diagnosis, but for now it’s working and I’m good to go.

Thanks, Daniel! For all you and the team do.
Dorico (2.1 MB)