Key Command switching from Sustain to Velocity Values in midi Editor

Hi All, is there a key command for switching from displaying velocity values to susain values and back in the Midi Editor? And if not. What would i look for in the Key Commands Preferences ? Thank You, Have a nice day

It goes like this. You set up some controller lanes. Velocity + cc1 + cc11? Just velocity? Just cc64? Your call. Then, you save these as controller lane presets. And then, at last, you call these presets with a key command, category MIDI → Controller Lane Setup 1 - 16.


You can also display all of them at once.

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Thanks alot, i´ll try that

Found it, that´s even better. Thank you for the tip :wink:

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Try it, it’s the next logical step. You create “sets” of controller lanes, and then you switch between them with key commands.

Dom Sigalas has included the procedure in one of his videos. It’s very fast and neat!