Key Command to advance cursor by beat?

Is there a key command to advance the cursor by beat? I see the command that advances the cursor an entire measure, but I’m looking for one to just advance by the beat (whatever value quantize is set to). Ideally, though, you could advance the cursor a quarter note no matter what the quantize was set, too (but methinks this not the way Cubase would do it).

Thanks for any feedback.


it already works the way you want.

Just change the grid type (bar/beat/use quantise), set it to beat and then use key command Ctrl+Num plus or Ctrl+Num minus. It should move cursor by beat

You could set up a key command to change the grid type. I think it’s Edit-Select next grid type. Then you can use the same command (Ctrl+Num plus/minus) to move cursor by a bar, beat or whatever you have set in quantise

Thanks for the info, misohoza. I’ll try that.


not working as suggested.