Key Command to edit/show particular note in play/write mode

Wondering if the ability to focus on a particular note/passage in one mode (ex: play or write) and then hitting a key command to see that same note quickly in another mode might be something on the horizon? My scores are getting pretty large and since I’m using my VSTs for sounds, I often have to go back into play mode and make edits. Would be great to skip a few steps (switch mode, find instrument in large template, uncollapse instrument, look for note that needs editing, make edit) to make this quicker.

If something like this already exists, can anyone help me find it?


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I’m afraid no such specific feature exists. Selections are retained between modes, so the note that you selected in Play mode will be selected in Write mode and vice versa, but there’s no way to tell Dorico to bring the note into view automatically. However, we certainly know that being able to keep track of notes between Write mode and Play mode would be helpful, and it’s something we have plans to take care of in a future version.