Key command to go straight to a particular info line field?

Hi guys,

I’m spending some time on workflow improvement at the moment… I very much favor my computer keyboard over my mouse.

I like to edit events in the info line. Mainly the ‘Value’ field for automation points, and the ‘Transpose’ field for MIDI events.

After selecting an event, is there any way to go straight to a certain field without using the mouse, so I can type in a value right away?

I tried the Edit Info Line key command which selects the first field of the info line, but then I have to press TAB multiple times to get to the desired field. Is there any key command to move from the first field of the info line to the next? If so, I could use that to create a macro…


There sure is not such a command, quite unfortunately. The only recourse is to use Autohotkey or Keyboard Maestro.

Thanks for the info, Steve.

Would be great to get direct key commands for these fields…