Key command to go to previous note

Is there a key command to to back to the previous note within the caret? I’m using the left arrow to go back, but the steps back are the same as the grid. I want to jump back to the previous note or notes

What do you want to do there?
Normally the last entered note is automatically selected, so you can alter its octave or note length directly.

If you want to go back in order to put in something else, pressing Ctrl+Z will undo the last input, putting the cursor to where the last note was.

Yes that is true, but I can’t alter the pitch in steps (one higher or maybe adding a sharp).

Hold alt and press an arrow key up or down to raise or lower the note chromatically, hold shift and alt and press an arrow key to change it diatonically. If you want to change the enharmonic spellning there is a keycommand for that as well that I can’t remember from the top of my head.

Sorry! It’s my mistake, it works normally. I have play around with some key commands and make a mistake.