key command to hide/show accidentals?

quite often Dorico shows an accidental where I don’t want it (seems to happen sometimes after copying a sequence of notes, I think)
instead of going every time to the properties panel and choosing accidental > hide, does there exist a key command? or can it be programmed? (doesn’t appear to be an option in the key commands section). would be useful, though

have you tried selecting the notes and do Edit>Reset Appearance… ?

yes, that doesn’t do it

I’m positive I’ve read in some thread that you cannot assign key commands to items in the properties panel. However, if your accidentals are redundant you should be able to toggle them with the keys assigned to naturals, flats and sharps…

that works, indeed, depending a little, though, on how you have set accidental rules in notation options (e.g. courtesy accidentals from one bar to the next), but it’s workable, just one click to toggle, which is fine