Key Command To Insert Plugins?

I’ve Tried everything to create a Key command to insert my plugins on the mixer window and didn´t find anyway to do it…
Any ideas?

Thank u

I don’t think the function exists natively in Nuendo. You might be able to find a 3rd party software that can do it (through guiding the cursor/clicking etc).

I Have Slate Raven and Artist control and none of them work great to do this… Do you have any other sugestions?

Not really any suggestions, sorry. I always use templates so I spend very little time inserting plugins. I would think that if you need a key command because you always insert a specific plugin then it might be faster to just create a template with the plugin already in it. And if it’s a rare thing then you don’t lose that much time anyway.

I think it could be achieved with third party software as Keyboard Maestro on Mac (don’t know if there is an equivalent for Windows).
For Mac users, Keyboard Maestro is a must have.

I’m a mac user… but have you test it?

I am a Keyboard Maestro user, but I didn’t use it for that feature. If I have enough time left, I’ll try.

Thank You! :slight_smile:


I found a solution with Keyboard Maestro. Look at the video :

All actions in this video were achieved with one shortcut for each plugin inserted. You can create a shortcut for each plugin you need and for each insert slot. I inserted a Pro-Q3 in slot 1, and I just typed the string “1q3”, for the Pro-C2 in slot 2, I typed “2c2”.
You need to have Inspector opened. If you prefer Inspector to be usually closed, we have to had a macro open it before, and close it after.

Here is a screen shot of the macro :

As you can see, the KM macro simulate cursor movements and clicks. I didn’t found any solution to access to the inserts or plugins another way. The location of the cursor is Nuendo windows related, so it normally work even Nuendo isn’t full screen. But the locations will be different for each screen resolution, of course.

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I forgot, with Keyboard Maestro, you can do this with a Midi interface, or with an iPad via OSC.

Thank You! I do mixes most of the time, and i use the mixer window more than the Edit Window and i’ve tried with slates Raven That do the Same thing and It’s not that pratical… I had to define Alot of Commands for different insert Slots for just One plugin… I wanted to do with more than one plugin, image the headache… It’s not doable… Its more quick if you use the insert and search for what you want, than see what plugin you want, and what slot is available, and them press that botton…
But thank You for this!

You’re welcome!