Key Command to move cursor Left and Right by milliseconds

Hello fine gentlemen! I’ve recently moved over to Cubase from Reaper and Pro Tools and I’ve hit a huge roadblock in my work flow. I do a lot of manual strip-silencing of drums, and I need to be able to move the cursor (playhead) by a precise number of milliseconds to the left and right of the transients. There are Key Commands to move the Cursor Left or Right by seconds, frames, and notes, but not by milliseconds.

If you could add a Key Command to move the cursor left by 5ms and a Key Command to move the cursor Right by 5ms, I can make macros from that so I can move the cursor Left by 20ms and Right by 400ms, which I desperately need to do proper strip silencing. It seems like an incredibly easy thing to add and I would love you forever if made it happen.

Thanks and have a great day!

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