Key command to scroll project window left right?

Since C9 has made the project window scrollbars EVEN LESS usable (by removing the “nudge” nodes at the ends), I’m struggling to find a practical workaround.

This was discussed briefly in this other thread:
but no solutions have been offered, so I thought it deserved its own topic.

Is there seriously no way at all to “bump” the project window left & right anymore?

Not a key command but I have since used the idea presented in your link on page 2 (click and hold middle mouse button and drag). No need to hold a modifier key. It is better than nothing until this is fixed.

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I think few people have realized that the empty space next to the ends of the scroll bars function as did the old arrows. I just figured it out… In my defense, I rarely click on scroll bars to navigate, but the talk about it made me check it out.

And, yes, I agree that not having a a graphic object indicating there’s a function seems wrong. :confused:

I have used CTRL + Mouse scroll wheel since forever. Does this not work for you?

I thought it was “shift” + mouse wheel? I’m new to cubase (started with 9) but this works for me.

You’re right. Sorry…was thinking zoom!

yeah, it works, but not very well. Maybe I’m just not used to it, but it frustrates me to have to use both hands to do something that used to be right there on the screen I was already looking at. Plus I have to take my eyes off the screen to find the Shift key (or else I’ll accidently zoom instead), then I have to reorient my eyes to find my place on the screen.

I’ll keep trying to get used to Shift-Mousewheel, but it’s hard for this old dog to learn new tricks. And it ticks me off that I pay good money for an upgrade that TAKES AWAY FUNCTIONALITY that I’m accustomed to.

Meanwhile, I can’t believe there isn’t a simple one-handed solution. Can’t I somehow program the +/- (or left/right arrows) to slide the project window focus left or right a little ways?

You also have Shift + Numeric keypad ‘+’ and ‘-’ (but this moves the cursor which you may not want). You can of course change these to single key key commands to avoid using two hands.
And you have key commands for go to project end and go to project start.

Mmm… As I previously mentioned, I just hold down the middle button (scroll wheel) and drag left or right. No need to press ctrl or alt or any other key.

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I think I’ll try this again…

I use the empty space, but not always right. Sometimes I have to click two, three or more times to make it work. It is painful.

oh… I somehow misread or overlooked this…

… and this…

Prock and SteveInChicago, THANK YOU! PROBLEM SOLVED!

Good info here, thanks.
Recently upgraded from 8.5 and was very annoyed to find the nudge arrows gone.
I wish I undrstood why I have to pay for upgrades that seem to include breaking simple :angry: stuff that was working well just to look like moden times I guess.
Idiotic if I may say so.

Probably my single biggest pet peeve is the inability to scroll side to side without moving the cursor. Zooming by mouse click+pull up/down on the top time track plus you can drag the cursor past the edges to move the window but then you have to reset the cursor where you want. It works OK for me.

I too have scratched my head over this.
What I’ve discovered is that:

  • Mouse wheel = vertical project window scroll
  • Maj+ mouse wheel = horizontal project window scroll (this was an ouf for me!)

Additionally, being visually impaired, I use Windows magnifier (usually in full screen mode) This allows me to zoom in/out of the area where my pointer is and is very practical.