Key Command to Scroll?

this might seem like a very basic question (especially coming from someone who’s used Cubase since the days of Atari 1040) but it’s something that frustrates me constantly and there has to be an answer.
It’s just this -
Are there key commands to scroll through what’s on screen? I don’t mean zooming, or moving the playhead, rather just going forwards or backwards through the arrangement or an editor independently of where the playhead is, as if you were grabbing the navigation handle on the bottom scrollbar?
Apologies if I’ve missed something screamingly obvious

Hi Antonym68.
If you click an event in your project window you can use arrow l/r to navigate, that also works with n or b especially when you inserted a marker track, than you will be able to jump to your preferenced locations with these keys…

If I understood your question, the answer is Shift + Mouse Wheel.

Ah brilliant! That’s exactly what I meant.
Thanks very much

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You are welcome :heart: