Key Command to Set locators around Comping Split


Let’s say with split take 3 from bar 2 to 4 using Comp tool. It would be nice to cycle the comping split and loop and listen one at a time without using the mouse ( audio) also to adjust the splits.

It seems the way to do it is:

  1. switch to the object selection tool.
  2. Click on the split
  3. press P.

It would be great to be able to do this with a single key command especially if the recording needs a lot of splits from many takes recording.


Well you are always going to need to somehow select it for Cubase to know what you want to loop around.

I’m not at Cubase right now to double check, but here’s some ideas.

Is there some condition that is common whenever you want to select - like under the cursor. Then maybe a PLE preset & Macro would work.

I think there might be a Tool Modifier for the Comp Too that makes it act like the Selection Tool. That would at least get rid of step 1.

Hi Raino! This would have made something I did recently go a bit faster and easier. I’m hoping that your thinking is accurate, but I can’t seem to find anything in Prefs or Key Commands that would allow doing that. If you have the time, could you check into that a little more?
Thanks Raino,

Sorry, this is what happens when you think you know something but can’t double-check using Cubase.

There isn’t a Tool Modifier like this for the Comp Tool. Really seems like there should be though.

When I’m going back and forth between Selecting & Comping I typically use the Select Tool and not the Comp Tool to keep from changing Tools back & forth.

  • Click: Selects the Event
  • alt+Click: Splits the Event
  • Click box on bottom of Event: Includes Event in the Comp

Thanks, Raino! I just gave that a quick try, and I can see how that could be of benefit. And I agree, that really should be a feature.

Thank you Raino and Petel.

I change OP to feature request. Please let me know if I need to add anything and vote if interested.