Key command to Set Locators to a Region?

Hi Everyone!

In Logic, I have a key command that will automatically set my locators to the currently selected region. Is this possible in Cubase? I feel like it is but I’m just not finding it.

Amadeus e.d.p.

Yes. Default key ‘P’


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Super Clutch! Thank you Mr Steve!

Amadeus e.d.p.

Ok. That kinda works! I think the issue now is that the region doesn’t automatically cut itself on the next bar like Logic does. So I kinda have to manually do it anyway.

Help! And Thanks!

Amadeus e.d.p.

If you want to cut stuff, you can use the range tool [2], select what needs cutting and then use either of these commands:

  • Crop Range
  • Cut Head
  • Cut Tail

If you want to split something:

  • Split Loop
  • Split Range
  • Split at Cursor

But it would be better if you gave an example of what you’re trying to do exactly, then I’m sure someone will come up with the ideal command or macro for the job.

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Perhaps you could explain what this means for those that do not use Logic?

Of Course!

So let’s say I am recording a region. I stop playing before the bar/beat/etc. Logic will AUTOMATICALLY trim the region to that next bar! You literally don’t have to trim every time you record something.

I’m pretty positive Cubase can do this as well as it has like a MILLION functions!

Amadeus e.d.p.

MIDI parts are usually expanded to the next bar after a recording stops.
Audio events are never expanded as there is nothing there. You cannot even do this manually unless you envelope the audio event into an audio part. However, I would not be aware of a command to have an audio part expand to full bars. Only manually by mouse.

NB: Regions are something completely different in Cubase.

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  • Nudge Start Left / Nudge End Right might be worth a shot with Audio Parts.

  • Set Quantize to 1th(s) (sic), then Transport → Nudge Cursor Right, then Render in place? Maybe that would do the trick? I’ll check when I get home. But even then, it’s something to always do after a take, so meh.

I think Amadeus-e.d.p would like it if the MIDI preference to expand the MIDI part applied to Audio events too. It wouldn’t be a bad request actually.

That moves the entire event, not the start or end position independently, does it not?
Sorry, I mistook the function.

That would necessitate a change to the fundamental design: An audio event always shows an extract (I try to avoid using part here) of an audio clip. It never shows anything that is not present in its reference clip. When you stop the recording the event’s end is identical with the clip’s end. There are no further samples that could be shown.
That is what an audio part can be used for. The audio part can have any length. But there’s no automatic conversion of a recording to an audio part and then expanding the right part boundary to the next full bar as far as I can see.

Please understand that I am not arguing against the idea. I rather try to show the complications.

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Exactly. I was trying to explore if some kind of macro could achieve this without much fuss, but I don’t know, it’s no use if one’s used to this automatic resizing.

Well, Cubase is Cubase, Logic is Logic, etc. etc.


So here is the scenario and apologies for not being able to articulate this: So in Logic, I hit record. Start playing. Let’s say I stop playing at the 4 the bar…but close to the 5th bar. Logic will automatically stretch out the editable region square to the 5th bar. Let’s say I overshoot the 5th bar…but don’t play anything…Logic will AUTOMATICALLY trim you back to the 5th bar.

In Cubase…it actually forces you to have to use the trim tool every time if you overshoot the mark a little. I hope this makes sense.

Amadeus e.d.p.

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