Key Command to Suspend All Channel Linking?

I can not seem to find a key command to “Suspend All Channel Linking” (the Sus button on the top of the MixConsole). I looked through the Key Command list and just don’t see it.
I know I can suspend a single channel in a linked group with the Alt key, but would love to have a key command to suspend all linking groups.



Hi the Alt modifier Suspends All Channel Linking (the button is enabled when you hold Alt down).

Thanks Martin, that helps, good to be able to momentarily disable, but I am guessing there is no Key Command to latch it on or off.
Reason I ask is that if I hold Alt to disable, I cannot use other key modifiers at the same time.
Ex. Hold Alt to suspend link group and move fader, but then realize you want to reset it to 0, you have to release Alt to use Cmd Click, but now linked group will follow.
It must not be much of an issue, as I have seen almost no other posts related to it, I will just get used to clicking the Sus button when needed :wink:


Then the only way is to type 0 to the value field and hit Enter while Alt modifier is down.

But you are right, there is no dedicated Key Command and it might be useful.