Key Command to Toggle In-Place Editor

Hi All,

I know that there is a key-command for “edit in place” on the arrange window, but once I’m done editing, I’d like to be able to close the editor with a key command as well, is there a way to do this?

yes, the same. it toggles.


wow, stupid me. for some reason I didn’t think it worked. as gilda radner says “never mind”


So what is the key command and how to close if not using key-command? It’s not obvious at all

keycommand needs to be manually assigned. otherwise using the edit-in-place icon in the channel list. if the icon isn’t there it has been hidden and can be re introduced via track controls settings.

Weird, I assigned a key command and it opens the channel but it wont close it!.

it will only work if the midi/instrument track you wish to open/close is selected.

It was selected.

I finally realized what my issue has been. I had assigned the Key Command to “Open In-Place Editor”. This one IS NOT toggled, it stays open.

The command you want to assign the key command to is “Edit In-Place” that is a toggle.

I thought I was going crazy!


I see. Funny there’s the luxury of two separate keycommands for open and toggle, while critical functions like Snap only have toggling available. How Steinbergesque.