key command to turn ON Transport Cycle ( not toggle)


I assume this is very basic!

Is there a KC to turn ON the transport cycle ( not cmd/ctrl / that toggles)? I am trying to use a macro and loop different areas in my project and don’t’ want to use Transport > Cycle as it turns it on and off alternatively.

Thank you.


Unfortunately there is no this Key Command. In general in Cubase most of the commands are toggles.

That is what I guessed!

This is not as good as a toggle. It saves a key in command but then there are scenarios you don’t want it to toggle.


This is not the only one scenario, where dedicated On and Off Key Commands would help. I agree.

I seem to recall a feature request to add on/off Key Commands to all the existing toggles.

I had the same question so I’m replying to this thread with a more specific question.

To me the most useful macro ever would be “Play Selection in Loop”. I want to click on something in the top window and start playing it in loop with a single key. The best I could do was to macro

  • Locators to Select + Go to Left Locator + Transport Cycle + Transport Start
    I mapped the macro to the unused “.” but because of the Cycle toggle thing I’ve also re-mapped Cycle to the unused “/” (in addtion to the default “Num /”). This way I press “.” and for my macro when the toggle Cycle is off then I also press “/” (right next to the “.”) to do what I want.

Anybody can think of a way to have my most useful macro ever “Play Selection in Loop” to ALWAYS work with a single key press?

I don’t think there is any way to make this work in a toggle-only world.

The only approach I can think of is to create 2 Macros, one that toggles the loop & one that doesn’t. If you assign each to a key then you could decide which to use based on the current loop state. So it would be one keystroke, but you’d need to choose between two possible keystrokes.