Key command "Toggle A/B Setting" doesn't work?

There is a key command Toggle A/B Setting in Edit section which I suppose should switch between A/B settings in plugins windows.

I tried to assign different keys or combinations on it and then tried it in different Cubase native plugins (their windows were on top) but nothing happened.

Has anyone tried it? Or maybe this command is not designated for plugins A/B switch?

I am on Win7, C8Pro.

I’m really not sure about this, but I seem to recall that this is in fact a Key Command which shouldn’t be there in Cubase!, and which, in Nuendo, allows to toggle between its two Range Selections.
(If I am wrong about this, please, someone correct this, and put me out of my misery too, 'cos I have always bee, under this impression :wink: )

No. It’s a shortcut to A/B toggle EQ Channel settings.