Key command trouble -CUBASE 6 x86

Hey all,
Long time Cubase user, first time posting.
I just upgraded from 4 to 6. I can not access any key command presets. Not the default ones provided. Neither
my own key command XML file. Using Cubase 6 32bit on Win 7 64 bit.

More detail:

when I try to import key command file, cubase rejects any XML key files and reports that it needs a ‘.key’ file.
manually copying my custom file to the Preset folder in both prog files and app data/ me / roaming does not work.
When I click on dropdown menu in key commands dialogue box nothing happens. No menu.

What gives? I can barely work :angry:


Trash Prefs and re-start Cubase, default presets should show. You can put the .XML file in the App Data folder to be available like Cubase presets.

Thank you very much. Will give it a bash!