Key Command Video Sound On/Off?

Is there a key command for switching on/off the sound track of the attached video?
There’s an extra channel in the mixer with a mute/solo button for the video sound but switching solo on/off from the main page would be very helpful while working.
Also when soloing a selection of voices in the score (by making a multiple selection before pressing P for play) the video sound is not muted.

There are two key commands concerning Video: Video and Video Track. Video opens and closes the video window. I expected “Video Track” to mute or unmute the video sound track. But it doesn’t. What does it really do?

There is no key command to mute/solo the video track, but I’ll make a note of this as something for us to look at in future.

The command you’ve found is Play > Tracks > Video Track, i.e. it hides and shows the special track at the top of Play mode that shows where the video is attached to the flow.

I see. Thanks for the info and for the “note for the future”. :slight_smile: