Key command wonkiness?

Hi all -

I am attempting to assign a key command. Specifically to “Edit->Select to End of Flow.” I do the procedure and input my desired key combination (opt-shft-S), and Dorico tells me it is already assigned to Play.UnSolo.All. That’s o.k., I never use it, so I say go ahead and remove that and assign it to Select End of Flow.

The key combination then shows up in the “Key Commands” window, but “Apply” is not active. When I go back to my score, the key combination doesn’t work.

I thought, no big deal, I’ll delete the Play.UnSolo.All key command - but I can’t find it under the Play menu (in the Key Commands window), and when I search the K.C. window, “UnSolo” doesn’t return anything.

The other funny thing - I had this combo set in v. 1x, and it SAYS it’s set. By chance did v. 2 add a key command to UnSoloAll that overrode my custom command?


Just for the record, I set a different key command, and that worked fine.

I also found the “Play.UnSolo.All” location: Play->“Deactivate All Solo States”. I removed the key combination from there, and all is fine.

So I guess there’s a bug with removing (or overwriting) that key combination when assigning it do a different key. Certainly nothing that needs to be fixed immediately.


I can confirm Jim’s report. I wanted to assign Shift+Alt+S to the toggle function for signposts and experienced the same as he did.

I have just been looking into changing the way the conflicting key command is reported to you so that it uses the name that actually appears in the editor rather than the internal name that appears only in the JSON file, so it should be easier to find the offending key command in the list in the next build.

I find that the shortcut is set correctly, for what it’s worth, even if it has to override an existing one.

Yes… in the meantime I found out that I had previously assigned Alt-Shift-S to staccatissimo (and probably never used since then) I guess that one got the priority in Write Mode so that’s why it didn’t work for me. My bad.