Key command?

Hi . I watched a tutorial . Important key commands . R to arm the track and the yellow box with the speaker picture next to it , speaker monitor Shift D to listen . This does not turn the yellow box off so that I can here what I recorded . I know I can use the mouse and click to hear the music but I would rather use the key board command . I would appreciate a little help with my Cubase 11 pro on Windows 10 .

You can assign any key command you like in the key commands window. This is found under the edit menu about 3rd from the bottom.
The yellow box/monitor button is found in the edit folder.
To assign a key command select Monitor in the edit folder - on the top right of the window type in your key command in the “Type in key” window (if this key command is used for something wlse it will show up in the “Assigned to” window just below your entry - overwrite this or select another key command) - press the assign arrow/s - you have your key command. It should toggle the monitor of the selected track on and off.

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Hi Farfaraway thanks for the instructions it took 2 mins and success . I have wanted a way to do this since Cubase five but could not find where it was in key board commands . Regards British .

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