Key commands and macro

Hello, I’m trying to write a short sequence of KCs that at some point in the process, pauses the macro and allows me to highlight a desired range (range tool #2), then resumes the macro to complete. The exact key commands are: J, 2, (highlight desired range), Alt S, 1 Basically, I want to define a range, expand it for easier viewing and with the selection tool allow me to tweak my automation points. Any ideas on how to do this? Perhaps there’s a command (or process or technique) that halts/waits while I do my thing and then continues. Alternatively, is this something that the PLE can do? Thanks!


I’m sorry, there is no “wait” or “sleep” command you could use. I’m afraid you have to split it to two Macros.

Thanks for responding, Martin. And thanks for all your assistance on the forum…much appreciated.

But in several videos Greg points out that he will insert Key Command X to function as a pause even though it really isn’t. But i don’t recall what that command was.


Could you send a link to any of the video (and the time in the video), please?

Oh goody! Perhaps a solution does exist? The ability to manually tweak in-between key commands within a macro would be a great time-saver and an efficient way to process Cubase tasks.

Sorry Martin, I don’t really recall. It was awhile back & I know I thought ‘this is good to know’ but of course the actual information didn’t stick just the memory of it existing. :confused: But he used a command that wouldn’t impact anything important. I don’t think this was it, but something like toggling Snap twice which leaves things in the same state they started but takes some time.

I use P.I. Engineering X-Keys boxes to run macros and Key Commands in Cubase (and every other program).

When building a macro to assign to a particular X-Key, you can program a ‘delay’ in between any two keystrokes/functions.

Interesting! Thanks for the links.