Key commands and macro

Hello, I’m trying to write a short sequence of KCs that at some point in the process, pauses the macro and allows me to highlight a desired range (range tool #2), then resumes the macro to complete. The exact key commands are: J, 2, (highlight desired range), Alt S, 1 Basically, I want to define a range, expand it for easier viewing and with the selection tool allow me to tweak my automation points. Any ideas on how to do this? Perhaps there’s a command (or process or technique) that halts/waits while I do my thing and then continues. Alternatively, is this something that the PLE can do? Thanks!

I Think with the Macro as it is now, this is not possible to be done,
meaning to freeze the macro seq. and continue…
Let’s hope that we will see in some point an update with a script possibility that allows us to achieve things like that! :bulb: