Key commands and mixer-navigation enhancements?

Hi all,

Do key commands in Cubase 8 behave like they did in Cubase-versions prior to 6.5.5?
In Cubase 7.x it was kinda crippled.

Key commands, an example:
in Cubase6.5.5, assigning the key ‘m’ to Edit->monitor on/off works in the arrange-window AND mixer-window.
in Cubase 7.x pressing ‘m’ doesn’t work when the focus is on the mixer-window. (very annoying)

Navigating in the mixer window:
in Cubase6.5.5, pressing the left/right keys in the mixer-window works as expected.
in Cubase 7.x it didn’t, in fact nothing happens until you press the up/down keys.

How is the key command behaviour in Cubase 8? Did Steiny tackle this ‘problems’?

I hope one of you can answer this question!


Hi and welcome,

Monitor On/Off KeyCommand works for both Project and MixConsole window in Cubase 8.

If you by “as expected” mean to switch between channels, then this also works in Cubase 8 “as expected”.