Key commands behaviour change in C12?


i have Key “E” assigned to channel settings.
Now when i’m editing midi and i press “E” it doesn’t work, i have to click in the main window, than it works…
In C11 “E” was working wathever widows was activated / on the front
I do this a 1000 times a day … ( calling channel settings window to do volume or send or plugin adjustements while working on the midi notes )
so it’s a 1000 times super annoying…

Did i missed something ?

PS : the “contextual key command” ( linked to a window ) is really not my thing as i’m constantly switching back and forth between them,
i want key command NOT to be contextual for peace of mind and fast workflow ( i press THIS, i get THAT, now matter when / where… )

This hasn’t been changed.

Please make sure that your Key Command is assigned to “Edit Channel Settings” and not “Edit Channel Settings for selected”. The latter only works in the MixConsole.

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Thanks for the answer !

I got it !
As i erased preferences when installing C12 ( first time since C8 ),
So… i forgot i got to set the channel settings window “always on top” ( right click on the window )

My bad !