Key commands confusion

Hi gang, I could use some help with key commands.

Here’s a screen shot of the webpage key commands that the help menu takes me to. There’s all kinds of stuff that doesn’t show up in either the key commands window in preferences, or in the manual. For example, what does upgrade mean in this context? I guess it means move, but upgrade is a strange word for that, no? Also, Mode:true? The NUM refers to the number keypad I assume, but there’s no arrows there (at least on my Mac keyboard; maybe this is a Windows thing). How about alternate nudge??

Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 11.27.52 AM

I would also be interested in an interpretation/translation of this panel.

Yeah there are arrows on a Windows numpad: 2 down, 6 right, 8 up, 4 left.

Basically Alt-arrow moves things in Dorico. In Engrave mode, Alt-arrow moves 1/8th space, then add Shift to move 1/2 space, or add Ctrl to move 1 space. Alt-Ctrl-Shift-arrow all together is for fine tuning and is 1/32nd of a space. I assume you can replace Ctrl with Command for Mac.