Key commands - dorico-for-iPad

Changing or assigning key commands in Dorico-for-iPad seems broken for me. I can select a menu item to add a key command but the ‘press shortcut’ button does not activate. Is it the case that Dorico_iPad must have an external keyboard associated for this feature to work?

Thanks for the help!


It also doesn’t work for me, I’m using an attached magic keyboard.

It doesn’t work with a Bluetooth keyboard either.

It works OK for me. I tried assigning a shortcut to the About dialog, which is my standard test. I go to the Key Commands page of Preferences, type the § key I usually use, click Add Key Command, Apply, Close, and it works fine. What exactly are you trying that’s not succeeding?

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Ah, I got it now. You have to press the Press Shortcut field before typing the actual shortcut. A bit unintuitive but works fine.

In my case, the “Press Shortcut” field (or button) does nothing. The only button active on that page is the keyboard language button. If I select a menu item to add or change a key command the iPad keyboard pops into view and the “Press Shortcut” button becomes unavailable (it’s off screen). Closing the iPad keyboard brings the “Press Shortcut” button back into view but it’s inactive (and the field beneath it is unresponsive). My iPad is model #A1673. Additionally, I tried duplicating your directions. In your case when I selected the ‘about’ menu item the iPad keyboard came into view but the “Press Shortcut” button and the field beneath it did not fly out of view. However the § key did nothing. No keys in that corresponding row worked. Any key that did work did not result in activating the “Press Shortcut” button or make the field beneath that button responsive.

Hmm it seems to be working now - I could swear I was having the same issue as @tbabcock123 but I’m able to press the “Press shortcut” field now.

It would be helpful for the text to change to “Listening…” or something so I know I’ve actually activated it.

It doesn’t do anything in itself, but once you’ve pressed it your chosen shortcut should show up in that field when you subsequently type it on the keyboard. And then you click Add Key Command to finalise.

It doesn’t. If you’re suggesting that pressing a keyboard button populates the “Press Shortcut” field, then in my case this doesn’t happen either. Bear in mind this is the onscreen iPad keyboard that I’m using, and not a bluetooth keyboard. Perhaps this feature is not intended for the onscreen keyboard. The Dorico-for-iPad documentation is rather sparse in this regard.

In general key commands only work with an external keyboard, not the onscreen iOS keyboard. In some cases keys on the iOS keyboard will trigger special behaviours inside popovers, but we are still working to improve this.