Key Commands Files Issue

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently upgraded to Cubase 7 from 6 PC/ Windows 7, and tried to import my saved
key commands file presets and have no luck viewing it on the file import.
I checked the file directory: User/AppData/Roaming/ Steinberg/ Cubase 6/ presets/ keycommands
it’s all saved in XML doc, which seems like its the Cubase default saving process.
But when asked to import it demands key files which I’m confused.
Anybody has a solution towards this behaviour? This will help heaps!

reorganised info in steps:

  1. Trying to import saved Key Commands preset files from previous cubase 6 to 7
  2. 7 demands (.keys) file / previous saved data invisible from the import folder panel
  3. I go to the directory of previous saved files and they are all XML files instead of requested (.keys)

Thank you!

Weirdly enough, it appears that .key file import/export has been dropped (though I don’t know when that happened), but the menu item remains.

The only way to access old key command files is to manually copy the xml files from their old location to the new.

Thank you Steve,

The manual copy works!
Steinberg should really consider removing this import function!

Bless !


I would just like to add that I had trouble finding the Presets>Key Commands folder for C7, and I think that it DID NOT EXIST until I created a key command preset. I actually named it “F*ck C7” due to my frustration during this process lol.

Lo and behold, my C7>Presets folder now had a folder called “Key Commands” and in it was “F*ck C7” lol. I went back to my C6.5 “Key Commands” folder, grabbed my fav XML’s and dragged them over.

In other words, I dont think that folder exists until u create a preset, even if its just a dummy preset file, in C7.

Overall, I agree that Steinberg needs to come up with a more user friendly way to import/export key command files. Its confusing to a lot of new users, and can even frustrate veteran users that have gone through this multiple times when upgrading :smiling_imp:

The folder does exist when Cubase is installed.

No real point arguing, but I swear that in my “Presets” folder upon fresh install there was a “Staff Presets” folder but no “Key Commands” folder.

C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 7\Presets

Ive been thru this process about 4-5x over the years, and got really frustrated when I thought that they had changed the process for C7. I dont know why mine didn’t appear at first, but it was enough for me to go on a long Google & search and found threads like this. It SEEMED to me that creating the dummy preset file created the Key Commands folder on my system, and if anyone has a similar problem, maybe that bit of advise may help.

Another thing…Cubase 6 (and maybe even C5, I forget) had key command presets like “Classic Cubase”, “Cubase 5”, “Pro Tools Key Commands”, and even “Logic Key Commands” for users if they wanted. Maybe they were useless to some people, but C7 had NO presets whatsoever…thought that was weird.

There is an issue with presets not migrating upon updating to 7. Maybe that’s it.

What’s the creation date of the key commands folder?

Crazy…good call on finding out if thats true or not! :wink:

I think this issue is in the fix list for 7.0.3, not that it really helps you…

I couldn’t find the option to import key commands from Logic or Pro Tools.
I recall this was possible in Cubase 4 when I was introduced to Cubase years ago.

Or am i looking in the wrong place? I was just in “Key Commands” on the File menu.

Apologies if this question is redundant. Im am in the process of moving my work to Cubase.

There was no option to import, but Cubase came with sets named for those programs. Look in the presets folder within the previous version’s prefs folder.

On Mac the path is
~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 6/Presets/KeyCommands/

(use shift-command-g, Go to Folder… in the finder)

here are the default contents of that folder: (37.7 KB)

Wow thanks Steve! Thats crazy that mine didnt have em. Im just on the 30-day demo so far, wonder if thats the cause.

Thanks again!

Thanks Steve. Very useful for me. :exclamation:

You’re welcome!

I have customized my Logic key commands beyond what their default is, so the presets here didn’t help much.

I am trying to customize my own key commands here in C7 but I am not allowed to add ‘control’. ‘option’, or ‘command’ keys.

The reason I am trying to do this is because, the most swift and efficient way to zoom in/out, (both sideways and up/down) is to hold i.e. ‘option + scroll ball side-to-side/up-down’

When dealing with 120+ tracks and clients breathing down your neck, this is very useful.

Any suggestions no how I can do this?

Couln’t find a tutorial online that explained this when I cannot even add ‘option’ key as a command.

Of course you can add those modifier keys. There must be something else going on.

^ Whats crazy is I think that is the default. CTRL + mousewheel up/down is zoom in/out for me. Shift + mousewheel up/down is scroll right/left. I can tbe possitive that I didnt set it up that way long time ago though.

IRONICALLY though, it stopped working for me in a session last nite! I got mad and resorted to other methods of zooming/scrolling. But for some odd an unknown reason, it just started working again, just 10 minutes later.

But yes…I see no way to add the CTRL or Shift keys (for PC) when setting key commands :cry:

Yeah, right? I thought that was weird. I will check with another keyboard.