Key Commands for Cue treatment in Control Room

Hi Forum members,

I am looking to write a macro, never did that before, because the usage with the right click and the menu structure is too slow.
So I am looking for a key command (for using it on my Nucleus controller remote) that does the following of the selected mixer channels

  • Enable cue sends of the selected mixer channels
  • Copy Mixer Levels of selected mixer channels
  • Copy Panning Settings of selected mixer channels

This I will need to program for all 4 CUE sends and put it to one button

I write this to the feature section, because I think the idea is great for others to use, too

Kind regards, Adam

I am happy for any reply, like e.g.: “I have read your post and I like to inform you that it is not ignored.”

Is see this as a bug. All functions should be accessible with key-commands and generic-remote.