Key commands for horizontal scrolling

I upgraded to 5.5, and for some reason, they changed the horizontal scrolling that you could do with shift+mouse wheel. Now, doing that shrinks or stretches everything out. I can’t find the horizontal scrolling thing when I go to edit key commands. Anyone know where it’s at? This totally screws up my efficiency.

Try CTRL + Mouse wheel. I think that is what you are looking for.

Sorry, that’s what I meant it used to be. They changed it so that NOW, you have to use shift+mouse wheel. Now, ctrl+wheel expands or shrinks everything. I don’t understand why steinberg would think it was even mildly smart to change a basic function to something else, and then, not allow it to be changed back (at least, I’m doubting it can be).

Ok. Sorry for the confusion. I am using 64 bit 5.5.3 and CTL + Mouse expands and contracts the horizontal.
Shift + Mouse scrolls left or right across the song without expanding or contracting anything.
I think you have found the action you want it is just a different key than wanted, correct?
I coulnd’t find any way in the preferences or key commands to change it.
Strange that it switched on you. I always remember it being the way it is now.

Yeah, it’s totally screwing me up. I’m just going to revert to Cubase 5.1. I see only negative consequences of upgrading to 5.5.