key commands for insert slots

it would be fantastic to have key commands for each insert slot and please include the rack instruments channel that is associated with each midi instrument.

+1 from me!

You mean being able to assign keyboard shortcuts to Bypassing and opening inserts right? It is possible via the generic remote option but you need a midi controller for that (or something that converts keystrokes to mid like Bome’s midi translator) but a keyboard shortcut would be better yes!

I use Emulator on a lenovo flex 20 as well as an x-keys for key commands (overkill I know) so thank you I will look at the generic remote for this.

Thanks again Tim, I am able to open an existing insert now but would ultimately like to have a button to put an insert in slot 1, slot 2, etc. when I do not already have one there. I could not find this option in the generic remote. The idea of hitting a button and starting to type to put an insert in place would be fantastic.

I use Autohotkey ( for that. You can create scripts to automate mouse movements and keyboard shortcuts and more handy things!

I use macros too. My inspector section changes to much between audio, vst, and vst rack that would be a lot of different keys to cover slots 1, 2, and 3 on all of those.

See my previous reply. It’s a good idea, but again, unlikely unless/until Cubase gets a real Macro language. (sigh)