Key Commands for Locators broken in Drum Editor

I use the Home And the End Keys on my QWERTY for moving the Cursor to the Left and Right Locator.
It works in all Editors except the Drum editor.
This has been an issue for years and years.
Now it got worse!!!
What used to happen was nothing but now Home selects the top row in the Drum editor and End selects the last …

I know the default Key Commands for this are NumPad1 and NumPad2 so changing them to Home and End probably have Home and End overriding NumPad1 and NumPad2.
I can only guess but Home and End maybe has some kind of priority over the NumPad keys?

I set it up like that to have NumPad 1-9 for markers because a) there are two extra and b) the NumPad 1 corresponds to Marker 1 and not Marker 3 … which hurts my brain! :open_mouth: :blush: :laughing:
It looks like a small but to me and maybe it’s easy to fix?

It’s the same in the list editor FYI.