Key commands For Mac OS & markers?

I’m moving from PC to mac and have got my first of many workstations installed … I’ve searched the forum and I’m certain this has been discussed numerous times but I’m having trouble understanding where Mac stores things like key command and config setups … I try to use spotlight to find them with zero results … At this point I’m assuming they must be part of some other overall file … please let me know where I can find them so I don’t have to remake them, I have a (mac) set that I made for my MacBook … Also I was reading in the manual that you can’t drop markers with a key command - what is up with that? Just curious what the workaround is … seems crazy to me …

please respond - thanks

You can drop markers with a key command, I did it with <some modifier I don’t remember> + M key, so it’s similar to the command-M for marker window. Unfortunately it’s not in front of me, but it does work.
Also - I currently have the “drop marker” (or whatever it’s called) as the command - apparently there’s a “drop marker plus open the description field” (or whatever it’s called) that I want to find and substitute - the PT folks use that and it’s nice.

Thanks Hugh - I’ll check it out …

On the other front I did figure out the whole Right click on the N5 app icon to see the content … did not know that one … I still don’t see my saved Alt Keysets or configs … I’m I missing something or where exactly does that stuff exist? or more clearly how do I export a keyset from one Mac to another … I know this must be simple … That is if you know where to look … please speak up … Thanks

Have a look at the Knowledge Base for Information about the preferences on MAC: Here is the link the the article

On MAC you have to assign the keycommand for inserting markers by yourself (because there is no insert key :wink: ):
Open the keycommand window.
a) Open the “Transport” Folder
a) Look for “Insert [Cycle] Marker” and assign a key of your choice
b) Open the “Marker” Folder
b) Assign a key to “Insert and name Marker”