Key Commands for menu bar commands

I would cordially ask adding keyboard shortcut assignable commands that we can use to access the menus in the top bar from the keyboard.

I m basically a heavy (PC) keyboard guy and use primarily the keyboard commands when possible.

After upgraded to Cubase 8 though, which changed the windowing model significantly, I can no longer access the menus (in the top menu bar) from the keyboard. This has been very frustrating as the keyboard access to the menu has been a part of my work flow.

Suppose there is no turning back to the Cubase 7 windowing model, I would cordially request adding those menu access to the keyboard shortcut list, so that I can assign specific key combination of my choice to access the menu bar menu items.

For instance, let s add a shortcut item File Menu, I would assign Alt F to the shortcut command and happily hit Alt F to access the file menu. Likewise, Alt M to the Midi menu, Alt D to the Device menu, and so on.

This way, without breaking the new windowing model, we keep much better downlevel UI parity in terms of the keyboard driven work flow, when a customer wants to.

Hopefully this makes sense, but in case something is not clear, feel free to send clarifying questions.



I switched to PC recently and was looking forward to being able to use this. (the underlined letters in menus) that would let me keep my hands on the keyboard when I’m not using the mouse. (It seems to me I saw another FR for this too, If I find it again I’ll combine the threads.)

Also a key command to load key commands and macros.