Key Commands for noteheads - featue request


When writing contemporary music we need to change noteheads now and then. It fine with the contextual menu but it would be great to have the possibility to add key commands to the ones we use frequently.

“Reset to Default Notehead” is the only command that appears when searching for “Notehead” in the Preferences Key Commands settings. Considering the impressive number of commands that can be assigned key commands, why not noteheads? It would be super great to have both the ones that comes with Dorico and the ones we create ourselves in that big list (just like it’s fine to assign key commands to all the paragraph styles).

Thanks Henrik

Hello Henrik!
Do you know that you can use keys to navigate through the contextual menu? It’s not as direct as key commands, but can considerably change your workflow.
As I made the french version of Notation Express, I note that our fellow Dorician Leo Nicholson (who created the Dorico version for Notation Express) has managed somehow to assign key commands to change directly noteheads (through a Stream Deck, all right, but to make it possible, he has created key commands to change those noteheads). There actually is a nice trick that can help users do this kind of thing. It involves creating a script that does what you need (change to a specific notehead), copying part of that script to the user keycommand json file you might use and editing it so that a unique key command makes it work. It’s a little convoluted, but honestly, if you don’t want to commit yourself to it, you can buy notation express…
Hope this helps !

It’s fully explained here, initially by me and then in slightly different words (granted, a fractionally different method) by Daniel. It’s a bit of a pain but once you’ve done it it’s there for life!

This has come up a couple of times before and after I received another request by email a couple of days ago, I went ahead and implemented it, so it will be possible to assign key commands to notehead sets that are defined in the factory default library and those that you have saved as defaults for your own projects in the next version.

Ooh! Thank you Daniel!

I had actually already done it for X noteheads with the JSON hack, but this is great, thanks!

Perfect thank you Daniel!

And thank you Marc and Pianoleo for guiding me to that explanation on how to edit the json-file. I believe that will be useful another time!
And remember that far from all users have the expert skills that are required to solve problems in this way!
I have been using Keyboard Maestro for the noteheads. Now when I discovered somewhere else here on the forum the Metagrid app for iPad I once more discovered that the noteheads could not be assigned shortcuts. So again a big THANK YOU, DANIEL, for listening to the users!