Key commands for Sends and Plugins on Mixer in lower zone

It would be so great, and logical to have key commands to for the 3 tabs (show plugins or sends) on the left of the mixer in the lower zone.
There are it seems none. Any ideas?
The key commands available, show inserts, show sends, are not functioning in the lower-zone mixer which kind of sucks.


For the Project windows’ Inspector:
Inspector > Toggle Inserts Section
Inspector > Toggle Sends Section

But if you mean the Lower Zone MixConsole, then there is no way, unfortunately. In The Key Commands > Mix, you can Expand: Inserts, for example. But this doesn’t work for the Lower Zone MixConsole.

I would recommend to pos this to the Feature Request thread.

Yeah that’s unfortunate.

Thanks though Martin.

Actually, there is a shortcut. On Mac, Page Up/Down or Comm-Opt up/down arrows. Yay