Key commands for sharp and flat stop working with new tonality system

I’ve created a new 1/4 tone tonality system to write with but I find that the flat and sharp key commands (and buttons to the left) now don’t work but the natural one does (it’s the only accidental that comes as default when creating a new tonality system so I suppose that’s why it works and the others don’t). Is there a way to restore the others into action or have I created the new system wrong!?

From my understanding, sharp and flat key commands don’t work in non-12tet (for one thing, it’s possible that they don’t exist, as in the Bohlen-Pierce scale). So I just use the mouse for all accidentals.

Yes, it would seem that way when you create a new tonality system but in the Equal temperament (EDO-24) option the key commands for sharp and flat do work so it must be possible. It’s a shame I couldn’t edit that one and re-save to have the 1/4 tone accidentals I want rather than create a new one. I am just learning Dorico at the moment and find that if you have to input accidentals with the mouse it’s not very efficient so would avoid using Dorico until it’s possible. Also I hope the option of programming key commands for the other microtonal accidentals comes sooner rather than later …

We do plan to add some means of using the keyboard to access custom accidentals in a future version.

Daniel, is this already hackable from the keycommands JSON file? I’ve been playing with it but I can’t seem to find the right syntax (something along the lines of “NoteInput.SetAccidental?Type=kQuarterToneFlat[Flat]”, I’m guessing). If not, then so be it!

No, it’s not, I’m afraid.

Thanks for putting me out of my misery :slight_smile:
(And Ben, thanks for the piece - Anthony and I might be in touch about doing ‘Bench’ again!)

Hi Daniel, glad to hear they will be coming. In the mean time is there a way to keep the sharp and flat key commands working like in the 24 EDO option whilst having custom 1/4 tone accidentals? Ideally an editable 24 EDO …! I prefer the back to front flats etc rather than the arrows that come as default. Cheers.

(Hi Leo, great! Hope you guys are doing well)

Unfortunately there’s no way to do this if you edit your own accidental designs, because the internal identifiers that Dorico is looking for won’t be found.

Shame, look forward to the update then!

Hello Daniel, I don’t suppose this has been implemented yet, has it?

I’m sorry to say, Mark, that it has not.