Key commands for transport locate, and speeding up note entry

I’m perpetually on the lookout to speed up my note entry in Dorico, so if anyone has any specific suggestions or links for practice/tips, etc. I would love to hear them.

When I’m in my DAW, I have great key commands that help me locate transport quickly and go into record. For example, I frequently use this sequence of keystrokes on the keypad to navigate and engage very quickly:

. (period) - activates first field in bar|beat|tick of transport
5 - I use this as an example if I want to move the transport to measure 5
enter - I use this to confirm the location and deactivate the transport location field
3 - 3 is the keyboard shortcut to drop it into record

In other words, I can do this sequence in a split second from the numeric keypad:

. 5 enter 3

and I’m instantly recording into bar 5.

Does Dorico have anything equivalent to that? I would love to be able to zoom around the transport as well as drop into MIDI record very quickly, so I can get notes input faster.

Right now, transport location and then note entry is pretty tedious for me, by far the slowest part of my Dorico workflow, so I would love to hear from others who have got some good shortcuts down.

There’s no way to specify the playhead location numerically, though I agree this would be a really useful feature for us to add in future. The best you can do for now is to use the “move playhead to selection” command (default shortcut Alt+P), and then Ctrl+R (Command-R on Mac) to start recording. You could certainly redefine these shortcuts to alternatives you find easier to type.

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