Key Commands: force to Project Window, e.g., for navigation

(Unfortunately I’m stuck on Cubase 11.041 until my Mac Studio arrives…)

I use the computer keyboard heavily for navigation -Go To Marker, Zoom, and esp. moving the play/record cursor forward/back a bar (aka Nudge). I’ve mapped these in Key Commands and they work perfectly - except when MixConsole has keyboard focus, where upon it it is interpreted as navigating through tracks or zooming in/out the MixConsole view, the former I never ever use and the latter only rarely. But it’s a real flow-killer when I’m trying to work quickly. I tweak the mixer level for a track, say, for better monitor mix, and then have to remember to move focus back to the Project Window.

Is there a way to bind keys to app-global actions, so that they always work (at least when Cubase itself has focus)? I can’t see anything in Key Commands dialog that would indicate different interpretation between Project and MixConsole, let alone a way to lock it down.

Sadly not without additional software, either autohotkey, but I think it is cumbersome,
Or the bome midi translator to convert keystrokes to midi and use a generic controller in Cubase. This is the way I do it, together with a programmable keypad.

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You can write a macro that first sets the focus to the project window, and then does the command you want. I think what you want is Project: Bring To Front followed by whatever key command you want, then map the macro to the key command.

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The simple solution is, Steinberg split the standard G/H SHIFT-G/H so they only works for editors and to zoom in/out the MixConsole with another key command.