Key commands from pro to elements

I tried to export my key commands from pro and import into elements
pro 10 and elements 10
however the key commands will not import?
If that is the case then pro should at least allow us top export a file that elements can read. and vice versa.

You should be able to copy your key commands. Look here for the location.

Regards :sunglasses:

I did find my key commands. I also have them saved on a USB just in case. I have my key commands setup real specific. 10 years of cubase will do that to you. But my key commands won’t load in elements? Odd.

Alright, a little bug it appears. First you have to store a preset. Then Cubase elements creates the key commands folder. Until you store it will not work because steinberg does not have the keycommands folder already included in the correct location. This is a bit silly. I had to do the same thing for the preferences folder as well.