Key commands get erased if you load without external VSTs

This one is annoying and a headsup that if you have to load up a session because of an issue without third party plugins you may lose your key commands.

I ran into an issue with ARA and I couldn’t open up my session. So i began to explore loading without third party plugins. To my suprise when I loaded things back after restarting the program. All of my third party plugin key commands where gone. Not sure that’s by design but I assume when it loaded without them it just figured they were no longer there and discarded there links. Its annoying. You can of course save presets, I failed to do so as I made a lot of changes the last month. Lesson learned, but I do wish this was smarter especially if it’s there for troubleshooting

Can confirm.

This actually happened to me just two days ago. Very annoying.

Fortunately I run daily backups so it was quick enough to restore but really, really annoying when you have to change gears and do troubleshooting instead of working.

Thanks for confirming, made the mistake of forgetting to save presets after making a bunch of adjustments, live and learn, but feel’s like if this can be avoided in the coding would be helpful.

Probably doesn’t need to be said, but I highly recommend setting up a daily backup scheme.

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