Key commands: give the option to make any of them global and make every specific toggled state a key command

These might seem small, but they seem pretty basic and the lack of these options slows me down: I use the arrow keys for moving around the project (moving forward and back one bar with the arrow right and arrow left, and setting and going to left locator with up and down). It drives me crazy that I can’t set those keys globally to work the same in any window. When I’m in the mixer, the arrow keys move left and right in the mixer. (which I never use) Please give the option to make any key command global in all windows.

And in a related vein, please give the option to have separate key commands for a specific state of any toggled key command. For example, give separate key commands for each of the three select tool options, or for each of the grid types. The fact that I can’t set a key command to just give me the plain old select tool without the other two pitch shifting etc options drives me insane!