Key Commands Go Missing

For not the first time, all of my key commands have gone missing. I’ve gone through the effort of re-entering them the last two times that this happened, but it takes about 1/2 an hour! Anything I can do about this!? Thanks!

Are you running Dorico on more than one machine with the USB dongle? I believe all of these commands are device dependent.

Thanks for thinking along. No, just one computer without dongle.

Couldn’t you just reset them altogether by clicking on the respective button or do you have that many custom commands?

It happened to me once, after an update (last year I think) and it is really problematic when it does!

Thanks for thinking along. I have over 100 of them by now, but I’ve luckily started to keep a text document with all of them. Just re-entered them again. :slight_smile: :open_mouth: Marc, funny thing is that I didn’t do any system updates to warrant this. It really happened out of the blue this time. And since the beginning of the year, I’ve been working on a new computer with clean instal of all software, so I’m perplexed by every anomaly that now comes.

Once you’ve made your shortcuts again, I would suggest backing up the keycommands_en.json file from the Dorico application data folder, so that you can drop it in again if something unexpected happens in the future.