Key Commands help doesn't open


I’m running Dorico 4.0.10 on M1 (Universal mode) MacBook Pro (macOS Monterey 12.2.1) and when I ask for the Key Commands help, Safari shows:

Safari Can’t Connect to the Server
Safari can’t open the page “localhost:49427/dorico/keycommands/” because Safari can’t connect to the server “localhost”.

I’ve just migrated from an Intel iMac to my new M1 MacBook Pro. Have I to grant some permissions?

Yes, this is a known problem in Dorico 4.0.10, I’m afraid. Sorry for the inconvenience. It will be fixed in the next update.

Thank you @dspreadbury
I’m used to learn shortcuts, but I’ve reset them after buying a stream deck XL and what I’ve learned is not working anymore. No problem, I’ll wait the future fix.